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Hello friends, if you are searching for the best push notification service for your website, you are in the right place because you will see the most useful push notification service provider in this article.

First, let us see what a push notification service is? And how it works, Push notification is a service or tools which help the website owners to notify updates to their users.

This push notification service is suitable for bloggers and website owners and if you are not using push notification service then start using it now.

There are some top 10 fortune companies also using this service in their blog and companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple and Amazon etc, because they also want to notify the latest update or products to their users.

Push notification services mainly use users for notification, but there are some other uses also like it also helps to attract new customers, creating bonds with users and providing useful information.

Names of Best push notification service

On the internet, there are so many push notification service providers available but very few companies are good, others are fake. In this article, I recommend some useful push notification providers which are easy to customize, budget-friendly and provide premium features free of cost.

The names are: webpusher, Onesignal,sendpulse, pushassist, pushalert etc. these all are notification service providers.

I highly recommend using this company’s services on your website and especially for bloggers because it helps to gain new customers, and you can give proper updates to your audiences.

This website provides free as well as paid subscription plans to their customers but for the beginning stage free plan is enough for beginners because in the free plan you will get everything.

Friends let’s find the best among these web push notifications providers but after comparing a few certain points like pricing, integration, API access, team members features, analytics, website limitations, uptime and more.

But before start comparing push notification service comparisons you must be familiar with your website settings and if your website builds on blogger then you should know that and if you want to know your blogger dashboard settings then read this article.



Webpushr is a new push notification service provider in the market and in very less it became the most popular push notification provider for bloggers and especially for WordPress users.

Webpushr gives you some advanced key features free of cost and the features are easily customizable, in-browser message feature, less setup process, integration feature for app and web applications, analytics, uptime monitoring etc.

In the free plan webpushr also offering you 10k subscribers means you can send notifications to up to 10 thousand subscribers and friends10 k subscribers with advanced features is enough for beginners and also available for all platforms.

If you want how to set up webpushr notifications in your blogger and WordPress then comment on this post and give your honest opinion on why you like webpushr.

Now let us come to the most important part of every service is pricing.

Webpushr pricing 

Webpushr offers you 5 different types of pricing plans and the plans are free, individual, startup, growth and Enterprises plan.

In every plan, you will get the same key feature and tolls but the only difference is you will get more subscribers with every webpushr plan.

Free plan: starts from 0$/months 10k subscribers

Individual plan: starts from 29$/ Month with 50k subscribers

Startup plan: starts from 49$/ month with 100k subscribers.

Growth plan: starts from 99$/ month with 150k subscribers.

Enterprises plan: this plan is suitable for big companies and heavy traffic websites because in this plan you will get premium support with customizable pricing according to your needs.

The most important thing I like on webpuhr is they not removing or cutting any features in their plan.

Friends, If you need any help to connect with Webpushr then follow this official guide
Blogger Integration & WordPress Integration



The second most popular push notification service provider is Onesignal and many of them hear about Onesignal services. Onesignal is a popular web & App push, notification provider.

Onesignal also offers you so many advanced features like has webpushr but Onesignal does not allow access to that feature in the free plan.

The advance feature is reserved for premium plans and for that reason Onesignal is in second place on my list. but in a free plan, you will have enough features for your websites. 

Onesignal also supports various web browser platforms like Google chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac, etc.

Now let’s also check what feature should provide by Onesignal and the feature like, API send Access, personalize notification, timezone delivery, time delay  send, custom data uploads, advance analytic, GDPR, two-factor authentication, user permission, integration feature etc 

This feature is reserved for premium plans and beginners does not need this feature because until and unless he becomes a pro blogger or Marketing expert.

Now let see what  pricing  should offer by Onesignal 

Onesignal pricing 

Onesignal offers you 4 different types of plans and the plans are free, growth, professional, Enterprises. This free & premium plan is good for beginners as well as for marketing experts.

Free plan: starts from 0$ /month with 10k web & ultimate mobile push notification subscribers and 1-app message etc.

Growth plan: starts from 9$/month with 100k subscribers and if you cross 100ksubscribers then you can also increase subscriber limit to 3$ per 1000 push subscribers & 3$ per 1000 in-app impressions with list upload and custom delivery features etc.

Professional: starts from 99$/month with 500k subscribers and also increases limits 3$ per 1000 push subscribers or 3$ per 1000 in-app impression with some advanced features like analytics, custom event tracking, CSV exports and more etc.

Enterprise plan: this plan is not for beginners because a plan is a dedicated plan and in enterprises plan price is calculated by choosing numbers of features and also comes with an admin control panel or 2FA etc.

Friends, If you need any help to connect with Onesignal then follow this official guide
Blogger Integration & WordPress Integration



Sendpulse is also one of the best options for push notification service because sendpulse offers you free and Paid plans. For free you don’t have to pay any single amount but when you select a premium plan you have to pay a little amount according to your subscribers.

Sendpulse not only offers you push notification services but also offers you an email marking feature, chatbot integration or SMS feature.

The thing I like the most about Sendpulse is you don’t have to go anywhere and from one place you can manage your email, SMS, chat support for your business.

Now let us also see the pricing of sendpulse 

Sendpulse pricing 

Sendpulse offers you 2 simple plans like basic or pro and in these two plans, you get an ultimate push notification, HTTP or HTTPS support, personal message, priority support, branding removable and more.

Basic plan: start from 0$/month with 10k subscribers.

Pro plan: starts from 19$/ month with 30k subscribers with advance features and also able to increase subscriber limits etc.

Friends, If you need any help to connect with Sendpulse then follow this official guide
WordPress Integration



Pushassist is another best notification service provider because pushassist has an easy step-up process and within 5 minutes you can start using pushassist services in your website and especially for blogger or WordPress users.

Pushassist also offers some key features like multi-device support, real-time tracking, multi-channel message feature, collect customer data, inform reminder and some other cool features.

Nowadays, all companies support all platforms and pushassist also support all platform like desktop plus mobile and web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.

Pushassist offers you 4 different plans and all plans start with 3k subscribers because pushassist is not free they have their premium plan and plans are, free, starter, business and elite plans.

Pushassist provides you very few subscribers until or unless you should not upgrade your notification plan. But in the premium plan, you have the option to upgrade the subscribers with advanced features.

Now  let’s also check the pricing section of pushassist 

Pushassist Pricing

Free plan: starts from 0$/month with basic features 

Stater plan: starts from 9$/month with a basic feature or Amp supports 

Business plan: starts from 25$/month  with basic plus (API) supports or removes branding.

Elite plan: starts from 299$/month with 75k subscribers all basic plus advanced features.

Friends, If you need any help to connect with Pushassist then follow this official guide
Blogger Integration & WordPress Integration



Pushalert is also a notification provider and the most important thing I like about push alerts is that they support various languages, even Hindi languages. Pushalert also supports desktop plus mobile platforms and browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.

Pushalert also offers you all basic feature that all companies offer free of cost and premium feature pushalert also have some subscription plan.

In premium plan pushalert offer you analytic, (API) access, push via email, Email chat support, timezone base scheduling, custom branding, multiple user features and more etc.

Pushalert offers you 4 different plans like free, basic, premium and platinum plan. 

Now let’s also check the pricing of pushalert 

Pushalert pricing

Free plan: starts from 0$/month with 3k subscribers

Basic plan: starts from 12$/month with 3k subscribers and some advanced features.

Premium plan: starts from 39$/ with 5k subscribers plus basic or multi-users feature, API access, premium supports.

Platinum plan: starts from 58$/month with 5k subscribers and includes basic or advanced features, priority email chat support etc.

Friends, If you need any help to connect with Pushalert then follow this official guide
Blogger Integration & WordPress Integration


The summary of this article to find the best push notification provider in the market, and I review so many push notification services and among this, I choose the 5 best push notification services, providers.

These 5 push notification services provide you with the best value for money and some coolest feature.

To find the best notification provider for your business then read this complete guide.

FAQ- Best push notification service

Are push notifications effective?

Yes, push notification is effective because it helps to grow our business and provides useful information to users.

What is push notification how it works?

Push notification is a service that helps the website owner to notify the updates of their users.

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