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Best free online blog logo maker is here friends. Today’s topic is interesting friends because today I introduced some logo design tools for your blogger or WordPress websites and these tools are free of cost.

First, why do you need these tools? A few questions come to your mind especially for beginners and the answer to this question is to make your brand, identify a company or look professional in the market.

So, to make your logo and brand identity you need these tools because with the help of these tools you can create your website logo, image design, a thumbnail for a blog, YouTube banners etc.

In the market, there are some paid tools like (design hill, adobe illustrator, looka, Wix logo maker and many more, which help you to make your logo in a minute and they are very costly, but this tool is effective or very useful.

But we also have the alternative of these tools and I know paid is always better than free but in the beginning stage free is also better than paid, so to know the alternative of these tools read this complete article friend.

Best free online blog logo maker 

friends let’s see what are the tools which help you to make your logo design ideas and help you to create attractive images, banners, or post images to your social media accounts.

The tools are,,,, and friends. These tools are very good in terms of imagination designing, custom graphic design and for Logo design ideas

In this article, I will cover every point of this tool and how you can use these tools for better logo design and images.


Canva is the first on my list because Canva is one of the popular and trusted brands in the field of graphic designing. In Canva you can create various types of images on various formats like JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF, Transparent PNG and with low compression.

Canva also provides you with free stock images, free background images, font styling, animation, music, videos and many more features that can provide you free of cost. But Canva is not free. Friends Canva also have some paid plans for those who need more features.

But a friend’s free plan is enough for beginners because in a free plan you will be able to create logos, blog banners, posters, YouTube thumbnails etc. 

So, let’s see and compare the Canva free vs Canva pro and discuss what plan is best for you especially for beginners.

Friends you can see the below images there are three plains of Canva and we will discuss each plan but starting from a free plan.

Canva free plan 

Canva free plan pricing

In Canva free plan you will get 250,000 free templates and 100+ prebuild design for your social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube etc. friends not only prebuild design, but you also get 5Gb free storage for your images and guys these features are enough for beginners.

In the prebuild section like templates or design is already ready for you and you must only add the text or images related to your content after this your logo and images are ready to use or download and you can use these images anywhere.

Canva pro plan

Canva pro plan pricing

Canva pro plans come with paid options and have the convenient payment method monthly or yearly. Canva monthly plans start from 12.95 dollar and yearly start from 119.40 dollars.

In this pro plan, you can access more than 420,000 premium templates daily with new design offered by Canva or premium features like transparent background, compress file in low quality and convert image in SVG format and many more interesting features.

Not only premium templates but also you can use more than 7 million stock photos and videos recently discovered by Canva. After this you also have 100GB free space in your Canva account, so you can create or design images without any tension. 

Canva Enterprises plan

Canva enterprises pricing

Canva enterprises plan is not for beginners because this plan especially for enterprises and for the company’s purpose. In this, you will get ultimate storage, pre-built templates, ultimate free stock images first from any other users.

Canva enterprises plan starts from 30$ per month and this plan is not very high anyone from us can buy this plan if he and she wanted to try Canva enterprises plan.

24x7enterprise level call support and most important fact is you have full control of your apps, graphic, colours, logos, and fonts etc.




The second tool is pixelied and friends this tool is good, or you can say that it is an alternative of Canva, and we know Canva is most popular, but friends’ these tools are newly come in the market and he has some good feature those features doesn’t have in Canva free plan.

Pixelied gives you some premium features in free of cost, that is why pixelied is second on my list and not an only free feature but also gives you ultimate storage, custom fonts, SVG icons, free stock image and many more useful settings.

Pixelied helps you to make your logo or images within a second because friends after Canva pixelated provide you best feature free of cost and you can use these images anywhere in your blog as well for commercial use.

pixelied pricing plan

Here you can see the above image there is some pixelied plan and let’s see and compare.

Pixelied Free plan

In pixelied free plan, you will get to see 200+ templates, Unlimited downloads, premium icons and more than 3 million stock images free of this free amount you are so many things free and according to me this feature is enough for any beginner to stop making logos for your blog website.

Let us also check the pro of pixelied.

Pixelied pro plan

pixelied pro plans start from 7.95 dollars per month and in this price range pixelied offer you unlimited access to the template or newly launched template, mock-ups, the image resizes options, custom fonts uploads and priority supports.

Pixelied pro plan or free plan is almost the same because in both plans you are getting everything but only the difference is you are getting a limited amount of control on a free plan, maybe in future pixelied will change their price or also add some other new features.


photopea image

Photopea is an online photo editor tool, or you can also call has online photoshop and friend’s photopea that supports various image formats like, PNG, webp, Jpeg, SVG, pdf, raw, sketch and many other popular formats.

This photopea online photo editing tools you can use for logo design, image-making, youtube banners and most important thing guys you can edit any type of image format on this online editor that is why photopea is one of the best online photo editing and for logos.

The only drawback of photopea is you cannot use offline this tool but in online you make fantastic images, it also provides you dragon drop feature which makes easy to edit your images and not easy to edit you can also add some filter, text, fonts, pre-built dimension etc.

After getting this feature you are thinking what is the pro plan of photopea and most of the features are covered in the free plan but for your knowledge friends photopea doesn’t have any pro plan. In the future may happen but now photopea is free of cost.



The fourth tool is pixlr and many of them know this tool. Pixlr is an online photo editor tool that has photopea but Pixlr is not free because Pixlr has some premium and creative plans for the users.

In pixlr, you can edit your images, create your logo design and you can also use a free template, stickers for your images but in pixlr, there are some limitations in her free plan you can’t use more tolls for your editing image or templates.

This pixlr online photo editor tool also comes with an offline version but currently, isn’t available and this offline version is for all platform forms like a window, Linux, Mac and I am interested to see the offline version of pixlr. When it comes, I will try to make a separate article for that and if your detail article then comments on a post, friends will try to make separate and complete articles for that.

pixlr plan

Here you can see or compare the pixlr free vs premium vs creative plan on the above image and in pixlr every plan has something new feature or tolls except free plan.

The hoth logo maker

The hoth logo maker

The hoth logo maker is specially designed for logos and this tool is free of cost. In this tool, you will get to see very limited options but useful options because this hoth logo maker has a clean and simple design for users.

In this tool, you will be getting, preview feature, add text, add a symbol, no option, bgcolor, grid option and you can also add some shapes for you logos etc.

 I think this future is enough for beginners and if you want many more features or design to your logos then you can use these tools like canva, pixelied for your logos.

But when you want a simple and clean logo for your website then sure you can use this tool the hoth logo maker.


The summary of this article is to introduce the best free blog logo maker for people and beginners and they can use this website and make there log for their website, social media accounts, youtube banners and presentation etc.

FAQ- Blog Logo Maker

How do I create a logo for my blog?

Anyone can create a logo for their blog by using free or paid tools like Canva, pixelied, design hill and many other websites are available on the internet they can make your logo.

Do blogs have logos?

Yes, blog has logos because logos makes your brand or your blog look professional in the market.

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