Complete details of blogger dashboard settings for beginners are here and friends. These settings help to understand a blogger in-depth and also clear some important doubt like How do I customize my Blogger layout? How do I upload a Blogger template? What should I write in my blogger description? All this point will be clear after reading this complete article.

First of all, friends blogger is a product of Google and Google is always updating their existing product because when google updates their existing product they will automatically modify some settings and also add some new feature in their product.

So, to know all modified old and new settings read this article completely because, in this article, I have covered every point of blogger settings and especially for beginners. After all, when beginners start a blog on blogger, they don’t know what setting should help us or what should damage.

But before starting first you need your blog websites and if you don’t then check our previous post on how to create a blog on blogger.

Let’s see what settings are available in the Blogger dashboard and how to use that setting for better search ranking on google.

blogger dashboard Settings

blogger dashboard

To know your blogger dashboard settings

  • First, open your browser
  • Search
  • Click to open website 
  • Log in with your blogger Gmail id 
  • After completing a few steps your blogger dashboard settings in front of you.

Let’s see friends, what settings or category are available on the blogger dashboard.

Create a New post

blogger new post

In the blogger, a dashboard is first +(option)or setting is Create new post mean by this option you create a new article for your website.

To create a new article simply click on (+ Icon New Post ) after you will Enter post editor and in the post editor there are many options like labels, preview, publish date, permalink, location, title etc.


blogger status

As you can understand by the title name status means in these settings or options you will get to see your post details, how many posts or pages you have on your website and also get to see how many posts you have published with the date.

Not only publishing dates but you can also see your performance details of your post or comments and guys these settings are most useful in your blogger dashboard because in these settings you will get to see your post-performance details, followers, recent post, latest post and this much enough for beginners.

At the beginners level, you have to analyze that data and focus on the best quality content with proper SEO on your website.


blogger comments

The third option in the comments section and from here you can manage or control your post comments because in this comment section you are available to see true comments, spam comments with dates and also have the power to delete or show comments on posts.



In this Earning options, you have options to monetize your blog through Google AdSense, which means by showing ads in your blog you can earn money from your blog.

Adsense is one of the biggest topics itself and if you want complete details about Adsense then comment below on the post but know we only talk about it, why Adsense is here on the blogger dashboard? Because when your blog starts growing or getting traffic then your Earning Adsense option will be Enable otherwise it will be a disable for new blogs.

Google is also an advertising company and when google notice in here blogger platform one of the users generating millions of traffic in her blog then google start notifying the user your blog is ready for monetization and the earning section will be enabled by Google.

To make monetization simple google added earning features in blogger and from the blogger earning section you can show or adjust google ads on your blog through earning selection.


blogger pages

The fifth option is page and most of the users get confused between posts or pages because friends, your blog pages display your post content to the users and this remains the same from day to day or hardly updated. pages normally use to share content and provide information to the user.

Blog posts are an article means the post itself includes content in the form of text, images, diagram, videos and numbers of information. this is a difference between post and pages,

In this section, you can create your Home page, about us page, disclaimer pages and other import pages for your blog.


blogger layout

In the Layout option, you can look at your website structure from the backside and from here you can adjust your alignment or structure for the front sight of your blog. Whatever you do here your changes apply to your blog website.

In this layout section, you can also add, remove and edit gadgets on your blog. Click and drag to rearrange gadgets etc.


blogger themes

Theme section here you can find so many pre-built lightweight themes for your blog and in this section, you have full access to edit or change themes for your blog.

Not only can you edit or change but also take backup for your site and when something happens wrong in your site, you can also restore your backup any time and this feature is amazing.

Let see friends, how you can upload your theme because in the theme section you got some themes but these themes are not much attractive or less is a website, which provides you free themes for bloggers.

In you will get various types of themes like responsive templates, SEO ready templates and from here you can download your favourite themes.

To change themes on blogger simply follow these steps.

  • First, open your blogger dashboard
  • Go to the theme section 
  • Here you can see there is an option to customize
  • Click on customize down arrow 
  • Then select the edit HTML option 
  • Insert your theme HTML code and select save.


blogger settings

The settings section is the most important section in the blogger dashboard because in this section you can change the whole settings for your site like you can add title name for your site, description, change blog language, insert analytics code and many other things you can do here.


The short summary of this article is complete details of blogger dashboard settings with an updated version and I have covered each and every setting of blogger dashboard.

FAQ- Blogger Dashboard Settings

How do I access my Blogger dashboard?

To access your blogger dashboard settings
First, open your browser
Click to open website 
Log in with your blogger Gmail id 
After completing a few steps your blogger dashboard settings in front of you.

What is blogger and how does it work?

blogger is a platform of Google, where you can create your blog for free and from here you can write or publish an article for your blog and also earn money by showing google ads.

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