Top 3 google drive settings help you do more things faster

Google Drive settings give you the power to use your google drive in a more efficient and useful way because after changing your google drive settings your user experience will increase and your drive helps you do more things faster.

After updating your google drive settings you will start to notice how google drive saves our time and its help very quickly. So, let’s talk about what settings should change right now in your google drive.

The settings like adjusting item view, access item offline, see activity updates and many more settings helps you to do things faster and free.

To know more about google drive check the previous post, how to manage files on google drive, and how to upload, download, copy files in your google drive because these few simple settings or features save your lots of time.

The most beautiful thing  I like in google drive is the clean and clear  Dashboard because when you open your google drive you will see a clean, simple or attractive Dashboard.

So let’s see which settings of google drive helps us to do more things faster. 

Adjust item view

The first google drive settings are adjusted item view this is one of the eye-catching settings because in your google drive you will get to see two options first one is Grid view and the second one is List View both settings are more helpful.

These two settings give you the freedom to choose how you can display your file and folder in your drive because these settings help you to find your documents or folder very easily in your google drive.

Grid view:  when you choose grid view settings you will see all files and folders arranged in a vertical line and creating one sequence ascending to descending (A-Z).

List view:  if you choose list view options then you will get to see all files and folder arranged in a Horizontal line.

Let us see how to change Grid View to list view and Listview to Grid view, just follow the steps.

  • First, open  your Google search engine and type
  • Sign in to your Gmail account 
  • After Sign in your google drive  account dashboard is open 
  • Just to see upper right corner, there is one 3 dot option.
  • Just click on this 3 dot option and you will be able to change the grid to list view and list view to grid view.

Access item offline 

Access item offline

 Accessing items offline is one of the coolest features in your google drive settings and this setting is really helpful in slow internet connection or without internet because after enabling these settings you can access your google drive offline.

After enabling google drive offline settings you can access, folder, file. google docs in your browser without internet but in offline mode currently, you can do changes only on docs because it will synchronise your data when you come online again.

Maybe in a few months or future, we can edit a file, create a folder, upload document offline in your google drive but currently, it’s only possible on google docs.

Let’s see guys how to enable google drive offline settings.

  • Open your chrome browser 
  • Search
  • Go to settings and select general category 
  • On general category settings, there is a 4th option is offline 
  • Click to enable that setting 
  • After clicking drive will showing popup message install google docs offline extension in your chrome browser, just click on the install button 
  • After clicking install option drive will redirect on chrome web store 
  • From here you have to select Add to chrome 
  • Chrome offline extension link: 
  • Then again come back to your google drive and select enable offline.

See activity update 

See activity update

The third setting of google drive is awesome and this setting is one of the favourites for google drive users. I tell you why this setting is favourite to every google drive users because in these settings you will be able to see each activity in your drive.

The activity like, who created document, In what time open, date of created, file location, file type, who edit last time, In what time visit and many more other details provide you with these settings.

These useful settings provide you with each detail or activity to your document behaviour like has google analytics and most of the people know what is google analytics?.

If you don’t just comment on this post I will try to make a separate article on it because google analytics tools are the most useful tool for every blogger, programmer or web developer.

So let’s see how to use this setting (feature) in your drive

  • First, open your Google search engine and type
  • Sign in to your Gmail account 
  • After Sign in your google drive account dashboard is open 
  • To know your file detail or activity in your drive
  • Just select that file 
  • Right-click on it 
  • After right-click, you will get to see many options and among this, there is one option to view detail 
  • Click to view detail option and you can see file detail.

Google Drive -FAQ

Can I access Google Docs offline?

yes, you can access Google drive offline but after enabling google drive offline settings and this setting is really helpful in slow internet connection or without internet.


google drive is one of the powerful cloud base application in this you can create folders, upload files, download files even delete, edit or rename and many more things you can do on google drive.

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