Top 5 ways to How do I make my phone safe

How do I make my phone safe is one of the most common questions for every mobile owner because mobile phone plays such an important role in your daily life and business or especially for memories, photos etc?

Due to fast-growing technology, our mobile phone became a more powerful machine and this machine will be handling our important data.

When the mobile phone plays such an important role for us then the security is matters. in this article, I will share some important tips which help you to make your mobile more secure & you can use your mobile phone without any fear.

How do I make my phone safe, Tips for android users

If you are the android users then this answer only for you because more than 60 % of people are using the android smartphone & this number day by day increasing.

How do I make my phone safe, Tips for android users

Android smartphone is much secure than any other mobile, if when you are using an android phone very smartly.

Due to the popularity of android mobile phone, many viruses & malware invented for hacking the user’s data from the android phone and because of this mobile user have to think once again about the security of android mobiles.

  • 1)Tips

From where to download the application in your android phone

From where to download it is the biggest question for everyone because without application your android phone has like a dustbin. The application makes the phones better and useable and du to the application you can use various types of features and unexpected things you can do due to application

From where to download the application in your android phone

That’s why the application is important for every smartphone & to download the application in your android phone there is inbuild application present in every android phone the name of the application in Google play store

Google play store one of the largest collections of the application you can choose your favourite application from them & an important part of this application is you did not have to give any money it is free of cost

Due to play store, the hacking attacks became less and even google play store is very smart he was deleting some application from her own play store if he finds the miscellanies activates on apps and breaking the privacy policy of google play store.

It is my suggestion definitely use google play store it is one type of antivirus which help you to protect your android phone from viruses.

  • 2) Tips

Do not install so many Apps in your mobile

Yes, I am right do not install so many apps until and unless it is necessary because when you people install such apps in your mobile which you cannot be using properly then definitely remove such apps the reason behind this when you people do not use apps In mobile the apps are still running in you mobile & because of this your mobile battery drain fast.

Do not install so many Apps in your mobile

Due to this, your mobile became so junky & your mobile ram and memory started to became full.

  • 3)Tips

Always see apps permissions

Apps permission really important for every app because apps permission will decide the features & behaviour of the apps in your mobile due to this you can manage your data.

Always see apps permissions

My suggestion is if you people installing the apps from any other third-party source then once a day you check the apps permission this will help you protected & many apps are taking the permission only to take a data from the users.

when you people allow any kind of permission of apps then your data related to apps permission it will directly upload the apps server & some common permission has every app take, contact, message, location because of this permission apps developer are improving the apps features and performance or bug fixes but in some cases.

Always try to see apps permission because this data is selling from one place to another place. So be care full & always give the apps permission only for the trusted app do not allow the all kind of permission to any other third-party apps and this will help you protected from hackers.

  • 4)Tips

Always lock your apps & mobile phone with a password

lock your apps & mobile phone with your password because no one can see your data without your permission & how you can lock your apps and mobile with password without any third-party apps.

From 2019 every mobile company are providing the inbuilt app lock function in their mobile phone try to use them & this inbuild app lock feature is more secure than any other third-party apps.

Always lock your apps & mobile phone with a password

Do not use such fake app lock apps from play store try to use inbuilt app lock feature when you people use inbuilt feature of mobile than your mobile performance never be decreased or when you use such third party app lock then your data be on risk and  this all apps are taking more ram to your mobile

Be smart try to use in build apps and feature in your mobile and avoid to use third-party apps.

  • 5)Tips

Do not share OTP (one-time-password) & password

Do not share (OTP) one-time password & your any email, social media accounts passwords to anyone because it creates a risk of hacking or losing your valuable data.

Do not share OTP (one-time-password) & password
How do I make my phone safe

Especially for banks password and OTP when you people do any kind of transaction from a bank in the form verification bank will send you OTP and because of this OTP, your transaction happens that why OTP is important for verification.

Try to delete OTP after your work because this will help you protected from hackers and some other fake persons.

Especially try to avoid the password saving feature in your browser and try to remember such important things it’s better you can right somewhere. When any technical problem happens, you can be losing your hole important data & try to write or remember the things it’s better.
My suggestion

In short and simple ways do not depend on machine technology is good but In some cases.

  • Do not share OTP & passwords.
  • Avoid saving the password in the browser.
  • Download the apps from trusted sources.
  • Avoid installing so many apps in your mobile until and unless it is necessary.
  • Always see the apps permission.

         Because “prevention is better than cure”.

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