How to Add Domain to Blogger

Hello friends, are you searching how to add domain to blogger, if yes then you are in the right place because, in this article, I will tell you every possible step of how to add a custom domain to a blogger or how to add a third-party domain in blogger? And also share some important tips with you.

But before start telling how you can add a domain on blogger, first you people need to know about blogger and blogger settings because in blogger there is some new feature added by Google and feature like insert Analytics code, new simple UI, edit robots.txt files and many more features coming.

To learn complete detail about bloggers and how it works then read this complete article blogger dashboard setting or how to make a website on blogger. so, you can get an idea of how bloggers exactly work because Due to some changes on blogger first you lean a few settings then you come to this article.

As you all know friend’s blogger is a product of Google and this product provides your free domain and lifetime free hosting but if you want to do serious business and want to create your brand in the market then you need your Business Domain Name.

So, to buy your Domain name for your business, you need one domain Registrar, and for Domain registrar, is the best for the domain because friends I Have used the service and still using from here you will get so many discount coupons for your first domain name.

Namecheap also provides you with cheap web hosting from any other company and web hosting like shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, cloud hosting etc. If you are beginners or just started your blog then guys don’t go anywhere Namecheap is best for you.

How to add domain to  blogger

Friends adding a first time domain in blogger is looking very difficult task but have I told you to google always updating their existing product and blogger also a part of this because google trying to make difficult things too easy for anyone and that is why I like a google product.

Before starting adding a domain you have to take two things in your hand and things like a Domain control panel or your blogger account because these two things only require connecting your custom domain name to blogger.

In this article, I will be using the two most popular domain registrars for connecting your domain to and the first one is and the second one is because a guy’s this two company’s services are very good and no doubt you never face any kind of technical issues.

I am using this companies’ services and no doubt I still do not face any problem but in case If you fell some technical issue you can also contact them, they will resolve your problem in a minute because this two companies customers support good and you like or not let me know comment on the post.

Let us see practically how you can connect your domain with these two registrar Namecheap or GoDaddy.

The first step to add a domain to the blogger

first Step to add domain on blogger
  • First, open your browser and search
  • Open 
  • Sign in with your Gmail id 
  • After this go to the settings sections
  • Scroll down and come on publishing section 
  • Here you will get to see you’re your BlogSpot domain or custom domain 

Have you can see where to add your domain in your blogger dashboard
and know the second step will be adding a domain to your blogger account so you can access your website with your custom domain.

Now let us see how to connect your domain with your domain provider.

How to add Namecheap domain to blogger

how to add Namecheap domain to blogger

To add a domain with is very easy and with minutes you can do it but before starting first let me introduce some DNS record which you have to change or edit in your DNS find your DNS manager, just follow this complete guide.

 To access your Namecheap DNS Manger

  • First, open your browser
  • Search and open it
  • Log in with your username & password
  • Then come to your Namecheap dashboard
  •  In Dashboard Click on Domain List
  • After this, you will get to see all domain Name
  • Select your Domain and click on Manger
  • Here you will see the Advanced DNS option and Click to enter your DNS manager

Now friends you successfully got your DNS manager where you edit or change DNS record to your Domain and let us also discuss some import records which you have to change after adding a custom domain to blogger.

Guy’s DNS record play the most import role in adding the domain in blogger and not only in blogger but another host. In blogger, after adding your domain name you have to change two records in your DNS manager and DNS records are CNAME or A record because this DNS record is used to verify the domain and this process is necessary to connect your domain to the host.

Let us also check when this CNAMA or A record will be used

CNAME Record: CNAMA Record is one type of DNS which is used for mapping a subdomain or redirection such has www to or mail to your hosting.

A Record: A record also one type or important record in DNS because this record connection is an address to Your Domain name or you can also say that Address mapping record.

Changing DNS record  blogger to Namecheap

Changing DNS record  blogger to Namecheap

We have not been able to verify your authority in this domain. On your domain registrar’s website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs: (Name: www, Destination: and (Name: egmqc7uhvbjn, Destination:

After adding your domain name in blogger with then you have to verify the blogger DNS record to your domain.

Here you can see the above image or text when you added your domain name blogger telling to you verify the authority to this by adding two CNAME record

Adding a CNAME record in your Domain

adding a CNAME record in your Domain

1 CNAME Record : (Name: www, Destination:
2 CNAME Record : (Name: egmqcjn, Destination:

Waring! don’t try to copy or paste this record because the record is only for understanding purpose and this record is different for every domain. So, you only add your blogger CNAME record, not my record.

Adding A record in your Domain

Step is adding A record

To find A record just click on

After finding (A record) you have to add this record in your domain DNS  and after completing all process your DNS look like below images.

completing all process your DNS

In place of a host, you Have to add @ symbol because @ is a shortcut of Domain Name and you are point server Ip to your domain name.

Know friends after complete all steps you have come on the blogger dashboard to save the settings.

Enable HTTPS to your domain name

Enable HTTPS to your domain name

After completing all the successful steps, you have to enable few settings on blogger like Redirection Domain or important settings like Https and after completing this you wait 10 to 15 minutes. so, the DNS record should update or an SSL certificate can add to your site.

Hence this a complete step of adding a domain name to blogger in Namecheap and this process is the same for every domain provider.

How to add GoDaddy domain in blogger

how to add GoDaddy domain in blogger

Adding GoDaddy domain in blogger has similar has Namecheap domain, friends, as you can see how we add Namecheap domain to our blogger account and this process, is applicable for every domain provider.

Process of adding GoDaddy domain in blogger

  • First, open your browser and search
  • Open 
  • Sign in with your Gmail id 
  • After this go to the settings sections
  • Scroll down and come on publishing section 
  • Here you will get to see you’re your BlogSpot domain or custom domain 

After completing again all these steps open your go daddy account then open your domain DNS manager and Add your blogger CNAME or A record in your Godaddy DNS manager then click to save.

Now GoDaddy DNS look like the below images and after this go to your blogger domain setting and enable HTTPS or redirection in your blogger.

After completing all steps, your domain name was linked to the blogger


The summary of this article to educate the beginners about how blogger works, what is Domain, how DNS record or how they can add any domain to blogger account without any mistake. I hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

FAQ-How to Add Domain to Blogger

How do I add my domain to Blogger?

First, go to blogger setting and add your domain then you will get a CNAME record or record in blogger by adding CNAME Record or A record your Domain will be added to blogger.

How do I connect my Godaddy domain to Blogger?

First, go to the blogger settings and add your domain then you will get CNAME record or A record in blogger then open your Godaddy DNS Manager and add these two records or save it, Now wait few minutes then your Domain will be connected to blogger.

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