How to start a blog for free in India? is one of the biggest questions for every beginner ask from me because to start a blog you need some resources, time and most important things money for investment to your blog website. Very few can invest such things for their blog website.

Suppose anyone from us wants to start a blog in India for free but he doesn’t know to how to start a blog and make money in India and cost of creating a blog in India such types of problems you have to face when you are a beginner.

I tell you the proper way to set up your blog website anywhere in the world and especially in this article I will be targeting India country to setup blog website in a  proper way and this method works in every country E.g.(, US, UK, Australia etc.

To start a blog first you need to choose a right platform from your blog website and I will recommend two platforms WordPress & blogger because these two platforms are most popular and trusted brand all over the world and these platforms will help you to make your blog website.

The select platform for your blog WordPress vs blogger


First of all, let me clear the difference between these two platforms WordPress or Blogger

WordPress is an open-source platform and self-managed platform means any can use this platform to make or design a beautiful website within a minute and WordPress also gives you plugin feature which means you can add some additional feature in your blog website e.g. (social media button, email subscription, download feature, website design, contact us feature and many more interesting features you can add by a plugin in WordPress.

WordPress is most useful platform in the world and more than 30% website build on WordPress and I strongly recommend to my readers, if you want to make your blog website than you should start with because help you to build your brand and you have the full control of your website.

Now let’s talk about blogger and why should use this platform.

Blogger is a product of Google and it’s no doubt google product is one of the best products in the world and this platform gives you a free domain, hosting and free SSL certificate and most important things trust.

In blogger, you can create a website for free and you can also add a theme for your websites like as and most important thing guys your website never face downtime because your website in the hand of google team but in case of WordPress it is different as I told you WordPress is the self-managed platform your website download time or uptime depends on your hosting provider.

Let’s come to the point, which platform is suitable for beginners?

Answer: The answer of the question in your hand guys because if you won’t make your brand and wanted to do professional blogging then you should start with and it is also true you have to invest some money on hosting or Domain but if you don’t know how to make a blog, how to write a blog article, how to do (SEO) then my recommendation is don’t go anywhere start with and after learning all these things then you should move for your professional blogging courier.

Important key points before building a blog website in India

1:Keyword research


The first important key point for your blog is keyword research, why I am saying this because keyword research helps you to gain new visitors or customers for new websites and if you know how to do proper keyword research than Boom! No one can stop you to rank higher on google search engine.

But before completing keyword research topic some few questions coming to my reader’s minds from where to do keyword research and how to do keyword research because in the market there are some popular keyword research tools like SEMrushAhrefs, Moz, keywords everywhere, surferseo,ubersuggest etc.

but which one is the best for you(beginners)and how you can identify that data is correct and my recommendation is for beginners you should start with best tools and make a habit for that tools because of this? Tolls help you gain a new audience or rank higher on google.

The name of best keyword research tools is Ahref and SEMrush and me personally 

I using this tool for my blog but these tolls are very expensive for beginners if you have money sure you can invest on It but if you don’t then you can use website where you can get these tolls at very cheap prices and I personally using this website on my beginning stage and if you want more details about this website then comment on this post I will try to make a separated article about



The Second important key point for every bog website is niche selection because niche selection plays a very important role for every website growth and your niche selection decides your website grow fast or slow. Let us understand by small example( suppose I choose technical niche and competitions of this niche is very high so has a beginner you can think about how much time it takes to grow your website).

Beginners do not have an idea of how to start a blog or how to select a proper niche. So, they can write some topics for their blog, and I highly recommend for beginners First, you notice yourself and see what types of knowledge you have then started writing on that topic which you know better than any other because this a golden rule of success in blogging.



The third point is locations and I tell you what is the advantage of the location in the blogging field and guys location plays the most important factor in ranking google searching. I, tell you why because if your website is country-specific means your content related to your country and language also then it is no doubt you know better than any other about your county and such kinds of a blog are ranking on google.



The fourth important common point is interest and this point you cannot be ignored because in blogging filed interest is required for writing new articles, ready for the new update, keyword research, SEO, on-page SEO, and many other facts required for blogging but if your interest is not there than you cannot do all these things and no doubt blogging is not for you.



Now this point no doubt is important because the other name of blogging is time means blogging is not a short-term process it’s a long-term process and as a beginner, you have to give the time for your blogging courier and some question also coming to mind how much time to give blogging? The simple answer if this question is 6 months to 1 years minimum because the competition is a day by day increase and there is no topic is left for writing content.

So has a beginner first you have to choose you to niche simple write content by doing keyword research and try to publish 2 or 3 articles in a week because if you publish 2 or 3 articles in a week then Google bot comes to your website and they will notice fresh or unique new content you are updating your blog then google rank your website because google always searching for fresh or new updated content for their users.

After discussing all this important point, know let us come to practical part means platform selection and has you can understand by article title name, how to start a blog for free in India because I am making this content from India but this method applies to some other county also.

Now, guys I recommend to choose has a platform for beginners because blogger is a well-known product of google and most important things are you will get fast AdSense approval in and AdSense is a different part of blogging because it is monetization part your blog and if you want then I make a separate article for that just comment on this article but know we are learning how to make a blog with free resources?

Let’s see guys, 

What is the process of making a blog on blogger


To make a blog on you need only one Gmail id and if you have your Gmail id then follow next steps and those who don’t’ have just click on create Gmail account.

After having your personal Gmail id just open your browser and search

And most important thing guys you only visit or Sign-Up official website and don’t sign up any other fake website like blogger.XYZ, blogger. me or any other extension

The official website link of a blogger is

#1 Step is creating your account on blogger 

  • Open your web browser and search
  • After searching, simply click to open
  • After opening the website, you will get to see a beautiful  dashboard of blogger
  • In the blogger dashboard, you only get to see two option
  • The first option is to create your blog
  • The second option is Sign in
  • But we have to start with a new
  • Just simply click on create your blog

#2: Step is to give site title name

choose a name for blog |

#3: Step is choose (URL) for Blog

Choose url for blog |

#4: View your blog & URL of your website

Finally, friends by using blogger you can make your blog website for free in India and After completing all previous step’s your blog is ready to launch but after customizing your theme or changing some settings and Guy’s don’t worry next article will be how to customize your blog website because in this website you will learn complete blogging tutorial.


I this article you will learn how to make your website for free in India, by using and friends is the best platform for beginners to start a blog and not only for a blog you can also use for your projects, web development or college projects with free of cost.

FAQ – Creating a blog in India

What are some most popular niches of blogging in India?

The most popular niches of blogging in India are Health & Fitness, Jobs & Career or Music & Entertainment because these niches are in high demand In India & you can earn good & stable income from this niches.

How can I create a free blog and earn money in India?

To create a blog free in India then you should start with, which is free and offers by google and for more details read my new article, how to start a blog for free in India 2021.

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