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Hello and welcome friends are you searching for how to import Blogger to WordPress with images, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will be teaching how to switch from blogger to WordPress.

Moving from Blogger to WordPress is not a simple process and especially for beginners because when you migrate your blogger website you need to be very careful about the migration process.

If you miss any single process then you will lose your whole website and maybe your website will de-rank on google. Blogger is a product of Google which helps the publisher to share useful content or information on the internet and also for their audience.

Blogger provides you with so many coolest features free of cost and the features like free Blogspot domain, unlimited lifetime free hosting, content writing tools, monetisation, backup and more.

But one of the questions that started coming to my reader’s mind, if a blogger provides you all these necessary features and unlimited hosting then why should you move from blogger to WordPress.

The simple answer to this question is: if you wanted to grow your website or wanted to make your brand on the internet and not depend on google then you should switch from blogger to WordPress.

Now let’s see, what are the best and possible steps for transferring from Blogger to WordPress.

Steps for Import Blogger to WordPress with images

Steps for Import Blogger to WordPress with images

Moving from one platform to another platform is not easy work and sometimes it becomes very difficult when you are trying to move a live website to another hosting.

So, if you are thinking of moving your live blogger website to WordPress without losing any content and you don’t know how to move then read this complete guide.

But before explaining BlogSpot to WordPress, you should familiarize yourself with your blogger dashboard settings because it’s really helpful for you when you move your blogger site.

Converting BlogSpot to WordPress, here are the steps: first take a backup of a blogger, buy reliable and good hosting, install WordPress, import your blogger backup into WordPress, change a few settings and change themes on WordPress etc.

Now let’s go deep in this chapter and let us see how you migrate your blogger to WordPress without any error. Just follow this complete guide and do not miss any step.

Backup and export blogger content

Backup and export blogger content

The first step of the blogger migration process is to backup and export blogger content because backup plays the most important role for every website owner.

Suppose if you update any file or plugins and by mistake, your website crashes then what will you do? And this is not only one type of problem you will face for running a website.

Especially, when you are using WordPress, you see some issues in day-to-day life on your WordPress website because nobody is perfect.

But don’t worry friends WordPress is safe & error-free. The error only comes when you edit any file or install a malicious plugin in WordPress without having any Knowledge.

In future if you face any issues on your WordPress website then you can contact the WordPress community team, they are ready to help you 24×7 and bloggers are already there for you.

So, to avoid this situation in the future backup is must be important for every user and make it a habit to take backup but in WordPress, some useful plugins help you to take backup of your site automatically.

Instead of taking backup manually in WordPress there are some backup plugins available that will automatically backup your website and for such functionality, WordPress is used worldwide.

Now let us come to the point of how you can take backup on a blogger. Here is the latest guide to take backup on blogger and export blogger content.

take backup on blogger and export blogger content
  1. log in to your blogger dashboard
  2. go to setting
  3. find Manage blog settings
  4. Click on backup
  5. Again, click on the download button
  6. then your backup will start downloading

After downloading the backup your backup will be in ( .XML) format (extensible markup language ) and all your pages, themes, content, images are present in this backup.

Now friends let us move on to another step of the migration process.

Buy reliable & budget-friendly web hosting

Buy reliable & budget-friendly web hosting

Web hosting plays the most important role for every website and from 2021 According to google developer blog speed and page experience will be counted as a ranking factor. It is a new core web vital update by google.

If your website loads within 2.9 second then your chances will be higher to rank on google because, when your website loads fast then your bounce rate will decrease, automatically improve user experience and you will start to notice your website start to get organic traffic.

These are all things you only achieve when you use good and reliable hosting because good hosting provides you with better uptime and the best customer support.

Here is the name of some good and reliable web hosting for WordPress are :

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostinger
  3. Namecheap

According to my this three-web hosting is good and reliable for beginners as well as for heavy websites because in my blogging courier, I have used so much web hosting and I also migrate my blog from one hosting to another hosting.

These three hostings give me better uptime and good speed for my website and that is the reason I can grow my blog.

Friends if you purchase anyone from this three-web hosting by my affiliate link then I will get a small free commission.

Now it’s time to move on next step of converting BlogSpot to WordPress.

Update DNS record

Update DNS record |

The fourth step is to update the DNS record because when you purchase any web hosting then your hosting provider will send you a server (IP) or DNS record.

After getting your hosting DNS record in your email you should change your old DNS by replacing New DNS record.

So, where can you update this DNS record? The simple answer to this question is you only change your DNS record in your Domain admin panel.

If you want to learn more about DNS records and how to add domain or change domain in blogger then the article already present in the blog section.

Install WordPress on your hosting

Install WordPress on your hosting

To install WordPress in your host just follow this complete guide. But before installing WordPress, first, you have to login into the hosting account and open your cPanel account.

cPanel is one type of control panel from which you can manage all your files like MySQL, phpMyAdmin and all your website files.

The most important thing is you can’t see cPanel on every web hosting because some web hosting provides their custom panel like has-hosting, Bluehost but most hosting providers give cPanel to their user.

In this tutorial, I will be using cPanel for installing WordPress

  1. log in to your hosting account
  2. Then log in to your cPanel or control panel
  3. Search Softaculous App Installer on cPanel & others search on their hosting Market place
  4. Select WordPress & click install
  5. fill in necessary instruction like:
  6. select WordPress version
  7. choose installation URL & select directory
  8. Add Email ID & Admin user name or password
  9. scroll down & click again to install
  10. After this, you get your WordPress login URL

Hence this is a complete step of installing WordPress in cPanel and after this, you have to log in to your WordPress account example:-

Import Blogger Content in WordPress

This step is really important for transferring your blogger to WordPress because from here you have to upload your blogger backup files. But before uploading the backup file first you have checked that your DNS record is properly updated.

  1. So, to import blogger content in WordPress here is steps:
  2. log in to your WordPress dashboard
  3. go to tools settings
  4. Select the import option
  5. then blogger import option
  6. Click to Install Now blogger import plugin
  7. After installation click to run importer option
  8. select your blogger backup
  9. Assign author & click on submit
  10. wait for few minutes to import a backup
  11. After this blogger content is successful import to WordPress

Install blogger to WordPress redirection plugin

Install blogger to WordPress redirection plugin

Installing a blogger to the WordPress redirection plugin is another important step for BlogSpot to WordPress migration because it is important for SEO. The redirection plugin helps you to find your website from blogger to your WordPress.

Not only one benefit of this plugin but it also helps to transfer your blogger traffic to your new WordPress website.

Here is the proper step to install blogger to WordPress redirection plugin without losing any traffic:

  1. log in to your WordPress dashboard
  2. go to plugin settings
  3. Select add new plugin
  4. search blogger to WordPress plugin by rtcamp
  5. install & activate the plugin
  6. then go tools setting and from here select blogger to WordPress redirection
  7. click to start configuration
  8. then plugin generates some code
  9. copy that code and paste it on the blogger theme section
  10. but before pasting code, first, you have to delete your all blogger theme code then you have to paste that blogger to WordPress code

Change permalink on WordPress

Change permalink on WordPress

After uploading all your content into WordPress, do not forget to change that setting because permalink is the structure of your website URL and how your post URL looks on the internet.

By default, in WordPress, your post URL looks like ( 2021/how to migrate WordPress ) your website name then year then your post name, which is looking unprofessional in the market. But don’t worry, friends in WordPress also have the option to change the permalink.

So, to change the permalink on WordPress here is the steps:

  1. log in to WordPress dashboard
  2. go to settings
  3. select the permalink option
  4. here you will see by default date and name select
  5. change to post name
  6. then click on save changes

After completing this step your post URL looks like ( name) which looks professional in the market.

Now friends you successfully transfer a blog from Blogger to WordPress.

Change theme on WordPress

Change theme on WordPress

Have you completed all the steps for moving a blogger to WordPress then you have changed or customized your WordPress theme?

In WordPress, there are so many free or paid theme is available and you can also install themes from outside of the WordPress library

Here is the step to change the WordPress theme:

  1. log in to your WordPress dashboard
  2. go to appearance settings
  3. select theme option
  4. then click on add new
  5. After this, you have to two option
  6. install a theme from the library & install the theme from outside of the library
  7. choose a theme from the library
  8. Select install & activate
  9. hence your website theme successfully changes

Hence this is a complete step of importing bloggers to WordPress with images.


I hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoy offering them to you. This latest article helps to understand the migration process of bloggers to WordPress. In this complete article, you learn A to z how you can transfer your blogger website to WordPress with images.

It’s especially helpful for beginners. For those who want to switch from blogger to WordPress, beginners don’t have any idea how they can migrate to WordPress.

FAQ-Import blogger to wordpress with Images

blogger to wordpress redirection plugin

In WordPress, there are many redirection plugins are available but among these one plugin is simple and easy to use by rtcamp : blogger to WordPress redirection plugin.

Is WordPress free for blogging?

first of all, WordPress has two versions in the market one is and the second one is
The only difference is is paid and is free & open source But for blogging is free for a lifetime.

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