Advanced Guide to Search Engine Registration 2021

Search engine registration is one of the important topics for new bloggers as well as for website owners because in this article you will learn how to submit or register your domains on the biggest search engine giant like google.

Google is one of the most popular and accurate search engines all over the world. If you see the search on google then you will be shocked because on google more than 3.5 billion searches happen per day and this number is increasing day by day.

But in the market, there are a few competitors also present for google and competitors like Microsoft bing, duckduckgo, Yandex, Baidu, and some other small search engines but Google is one of the best for finding any query or answer.

If you search any query on Google or any other search engine then Google gives  you the best possible result for their users because google understands, what is the intent of the user and what is the best result for them

So to provide better results to their user google need to under the website content or services provided by website owners and this all things happen when you register your domain with google.

So let us see friends, how to register a domain and what is the latest process of verification on a google search engine.

What is search engine registration?.

What is search engine registration

If you register your domain with the google search engine then Google will start collecting or analysing your website data for search results.

When someone searches any query or service on google, if your content or service is relevant or matching to the user query then Google will show your website results to the users.

This is one of the benefits of search engine registration but to come top on search results on a google search engine is very difficult because google has more than 200 parameters to rank any website or content and this parameter no one knows except Google.

Google only ranks such websites that have high-quality content or having authority on their sites because to come top on a google search result is not very easy that why google is one of the favourite choices for users.

How to register with google search engine

Let us see friends, How to register the website on google and before registers, you need only one thing in your hand and the things are your Gmail Id because to access any product of google you need a Gmail Id.

After having your Gmail id In your hand then we can proceed to the next step to registration and for registration, you have to visit the official google search console page.

Google search console is a service offered by Google which allows users to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their site and this service can check your website performance, keyword position, your website speed and most important thing error.

Google search console is one best device for measuring your site performance and these all things you can see free of cost, that why I like a google product.

Now let’s move to our first process.

Submit domain on google search console

Submit domain on google search console

The first step is to open your Google search console page then you will get to see two properties to verify or register your domain with Google and these two properties are Domain properties and URL prefix.

Now let us discuss in deep about these two properties

Domain property: In this verification method you can verify your domain without (www) and there is only one method of verification is DNS verification. this verification method you have to do only the first time and after this, your Domain or subdomain ( HTTP or HTTPS) fully verified. 

URL prefix: In this URL Prefix verification method you only verify your domain using (www) example: ( and also have multiple verification methods but in this method, you have to verify every subdomain or domain separately. 

My recommendation is to use the Domain property to verify your Domain with google. Now, After choosing the first Domain property method then proceed to the next step is DNS verification.

Verify Domain Ownership via DNS record

Verify Domain Ownership via DNS record

The second step is to verify your Domain ownership by using DNS Record because when you enter your domain then google gives you the verification code to verify your domain.

This verification code you have to paste your Domain DNS Manager from where you maintaining all record and if you don’t no where to find or add DNS record then read this article on how to add a domain to blogger because, in this article, I have covered what is DNS record or What is the meaning of DNS record.

Add verification code to DNS record.

Add verification code to DNS record

Friends, if you are using GoDaddy or Namecheap domain then you have to add this verification record to your domain provider.

In my case, I am using Cloudflare DNS manager to verify my domain because Cloudflare is one best free CDN ( content delivery network) and also provides a layer of security for your website.

So to Verify record select add record and select verification type (TXT) then paste verification and save it.

Record TypeName Content 
TXT@Paste verification code: goglemklklk

Ownership verified

Ownership verified

After pasting the verification code on your DNS manager then click to verify and you will get to see green signal ownership verified, just click to done.

Access Search console dashboard

Access Search console dashboard

After completing all this step your website is ready to index in google search engine and the most important things guys you can measure your site performance, keyword indexing, query and other SEO things by using these free tools because this tool gives every single detail to your site.


The summary of this article is to introduce the benefit of registration on google search or any other search engine because the search engine helps you to grow your business, especially for blogger or website owners. if you wanted to know more about blogging or WordPress then visit our blog section page and here you will get the latest article on blogging or WordPress.

FAQ-Search Engine Registration

Do I need to register my domain with search engines?

It is not necessary to register the domain with a search engine but if you wanted someone to search any query or service on a search engine then your content or service is relevant or matching to the user query then the search engine will show your website results to the users.

Is Google an example of a search engine?

yes, google is an example of a search engine

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