How to share files on google drive 2021

Share files on google drive are the best interesting and beautiful features in google drive because in this feature you can share your data or file with your friends, neighbours even companies also using it and more than millions of people trust to use google drive.

Google drive sharing feature helps us to create a better safe environment between two or many people and this feature helps you to do your work faster between you and your teammates because in this sharing files on google drive feature you can share your document, file, a folder with Email Id.

The sounds look good guys, sharing files with your email id and I am excited to tell you how to share files on google drive but before start read the previous article how google drive works because when you know how to google drive works you will easily understand within a second.

Let’s see how to share files on google drive and I Will try to cover all possible ways to share files with google drive.

How to share files on google drive?

To share files with your google drive you only need your Gmail id and with your Gmail id you can control your sharing files and before sharing you can also set permission to your file means according to your permission which you have created before sending a file to the receiver than receiver have that much access only to see your file.

The Permissions which you have created before sendings files are commentsviewerEditor and these permissions help to maintain your privacy and let’s also see each rule in detail.

Comment rule: In the comment rule your friends have access to comment only and rather than he can’t edit or share.

Viewer rule: In the rule, you call to allow your friend to read-only rather than he can’t do anything in your sharing file but accept reading because he is only permitted to read.

Editor Rule: in this editor, your friends have rights to edit, share, or comment in your sharing file.

So friends let us see what step should follow to share file on google drive.

  • First, open your chrome browser.
  • Search
  • Sign in with your Gmail id in your google drive.
  • On your google drive select your file which you want to share. 
  • After selecting right-click on it.
  • Then you will get to see several options.
  • Among this select Share options.
  • After selecting a share option you will notice there is one option to edit.
  • On the edit button, you get some additional feature like your sharing file rule.
  • After selecting your file rule just simply select done.
  • The receiver gets a notification message on here google drive. 
  • Receivers can see that on here google drive share with me category option.

Know this is a step to share file on google drive from one person to another and guys if you are not using google drive than my suggestion is to start using it Know.

Share files with a link in your google drive 

The link-sharing of your file in your google drive is also one of the best ways to share your files with other platforms like Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and many other platforms.

This link sharing feature also gives your freedom to share your file or note in your blog or website because in your blog or website there is no need to pay for sharing notes or files. After all, by using google drive you can decrease your some expenses and if you are a blogger then you may know to share some resources we need some cloud storage from where we upload our resources for users so than a user can safely download from it.

So guys let see how to create a sharing link of your files in google drive and before starting this you should know some basics of google drive like how to copy, download, upload or how to manage file in your drive and also some basic settings.

  • To create a link in your google drive.
  • First, open your google drive dashboard. 
  • Select that file and right-click on it.
  • After right you will get to see numbers of options.
  • Among these, you have to choose to get the Link  option
  • After click on it, your file link will be generated in your drive 
  • When your file link is generated then you have to select the permission settings.
  • Settings are restricted or Anyone with the link.
  • So you have to choose Anyone with a link because by choosing this option anyone can open this link and see your notes. 
  • If you don’t want to share link publicly than you have to choose a restricted Option. 
  • And add  your recipient’s email id, so only added persons can only see 
  • After completing all this process you simply click the Done button 
  • Then your file will be share successfully with your recipients 
  • They will get a notification on google someone shares a file

Add file share with you folder

This is not a sharing method but this one is also an important feature of google drive and with the help of this setting you can move(shortcut) your sharing files in your google drive dashboard because whatever you share a file or received the file from your drive then recipient receives that sharing a file in his share with me category folder.

This feature helps you when you have so many files receives in your share with me category folder and you don’t want to find or maybe difficult to finds, so in case you can add import share file in your dashboard. 

So to add share files in your google drive dashboard from share with me category by following 3 easy steps. 

  • First, open your google drive dashboard. 
  • Then go to share with me category folder.
  • Select that file and right-click on it. 
  • After right-click, you can see lots of options.
  • Among this select add shortcut to my drive option.
  • Then select add my drive option.
  • And press Add shortcut button. 
  • After completing all this process your file successfully adds in your google drive dashboard.

Publish file on the web 

Publish files on the web has you can easily understand by the help of heading and guys this feature helpful, if you are using google docs, google sheets, google slides because this feature gives you the freedom to share your google docs, slides, sheets into the web, so a user can easily access your content or project through the URL Link.

This feature is really helpful to maintain your privacy and because in this feature you don’t want to add the recipient email id and this method is my favourite because you have to just write the content and press the publish button and then share the link to your audience.

Let’s see how to publish content on the web and only work on google docs, google and google slides.

  • First, open your google docs.
  • Just see the top header part.
  •  There is a one option File just click on it.
  • After clicking you will get to see several options.
  • Among them, there is one option to publish to the web.
  • Hit the publish button and your URL will be generated.
  • After this, you know what to do.

Assign ownership of a file to someone else

Assign ownership this is also an important part of File sharing feature in google drive because this feature you have the power to make another admin to your share files means another owner of your files like has group admin in your WhatsApp group.

So guys follow this few steps  to assign ownership to a file to someone else

  • First, open your google drive 
  • Then right-click on it and press share options
  • After this select recipient email and hit the edit button 
  • After hitting Edit button you  will get to Make owner Options 
  • Just simply click  on make owner option 
  • Know your selected owner has the full power of edit, share or manage your file.


The motto of this blog post is to know about the more advance feature in your google drive because google drive is one of the future technology in the field of cloud computing.

google drive provide you with every possible thing to there users and 24×7 google developers working on it to make google drive more advance or simple.

In this google drive article, you have learned what is the possible way to share a file from your google drive and my recommendation is if you are not using google drive, so start using it know because after using you will surely become a fan of google drive by seeing it a more useful feature or simply easy to use.

Google Drive -FAQ

Is it safe to share files on Google Drive?

yes, it is 100% safe to share files on google drive.

How to move files to google drive?

To move files in google drive, first, select the files and right-click on it and you will get to see move options.

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